About Us

I have always cared for my beard with some type of store bought moisturizer/conditioner, but a couple of years ago I started looking for specific products that were made for beard care. Essentially I was looking for something that didn't have all the unnecessary chemicals that the products from big box stores had in it. So I looked and I found some good products, and some that were not so good. There were two issues that I found while searching for the right beard care products.
1) The products that I considered good, met my standards of quality but were also very expensive.  Like $20 and over for a 1 ounce bottle of oil or a 2 ounce tin of balm, some were even over $40.  
2) The products that I considered not so good, met my standards of cost but the quality wasn't there (consistency, ingredients, etc).
So I had a decision to make, either buy the good quality but high priced products or buy the reasonable priced but low quality products. After a few months of looking for a product that was high quality and was reasonably priced, I found none.  After talking with my fellow beardsmen, I realized that I wasn't alone in wanting something that I would feel good about putting on my skin and beard but also feel good about the value of the product. So I began to look into creating a product that I was looking for, and knew other beardsmen wanted also.
So after months of trial and error of mixing and experimenting with different carrier oils, butters, essential oils, and fragrance oils I came up with a perfect blend of carrier oils to create my beard oil and a perfect blend of carrier oils along with Shea butter and Beeswax to make my beard balm, and a perfect blend of essential oils and fragrance oils to make my scents. I tested for quite a while and I loved them! I was so excited about it and loved them so much I made some for my bearded friends and asked for honest feedback on consistency, smell, and texture.  They tried them, they gave feedback, I adjusted. They told others how much they enjoyed my oils and balms and the next thing I knew, I was selling my very own high quality reasonably priced beard care products to my friends and family.  Shortly after that, Oak City Beard Company was created.
Our Passion and Vision will always be to offer the highest quality product at the most affordable price to ensure that every bearded man can enjoy the experience of growing and maintaining their beard.