What's the difference between our Oil, Balm, & Butter?


Beard Oil

Our Oil is essentially a blend of nourishing carrier oils and Vitamin E. The purpose of our oil is to nourish the beard & skin with the benefits that each oil provides to promote a healthy beard & skin.


Beard Balm

Our Balm also contains beneficial carrier oils and Vitamin E like our Beard Oil does, but with Shea Butter and Beeswax added which helps you to shape and control those stray hairs and keep your beard inline.


Beard Butter

Our Butter is essentially the same as our Balm but with only a little amount of added Beeswax and a higher amount of Shea Butter so it has less hold/control then our Balm but more control then our Oil. Because of the light amount of beeswax in our butter, it is lighter and easier to work with. If you're looking for a less waxy, more creamy conditioner then this one is for you.